1. Eligibility Criteria
  • Participants should be  enrolled in a UG course in any recognised college of India or should be a senior (9th - 12th) student of any recognised school.

  • Members of a team can be from different years and colleges.

  1. Team size can vary from 1 to 4.

  2. Duration

In the Event 

Phase 1 will start from 5 feb 2022 and will end on 20th of March.

In this duration registrations for the hackathon will be live, we will also conduct Pre-Innerve games, Innerve Quiz. We will also organise guest speaker sessions & will provide mentorship to the students.


Phase 2 will start from 8 April 2022 and will end on 9 April, 2022 in offline mode.

This is the period where you have to build your hack and in this duration, Innerve games, speaker and mentorship sessions will be conducted to boost your morale and fun activities along the way.


  1. There are no restrictions on the technologies you use for developing.

  2. Any type of Plagiarism will not be entertained.

  3. The Project must be built entirely during the Duration of the Hackathon.

  4. All the submissions will be reviewed by the organising committee & fixed top submissions will qualify for review by a panel of judges. Finalist teams may be called for a special presentation with the Judges.

  5. The decision made by the judges and the organising committee will be considered final.

  6. The Ideas that you have presented here should not be presented earlier in any other hackathon.